Information on the Client Gate Authentication

The Client Gate is an authentication service that allows Users to securely contact Entities that provide electronic administration and electronic public services. The following article is a summary of frequently asked questions about the Client Gate Authentication.


Who can register to the Client Gate?

Any natural person can register, regardless of nationality. If the Client Gate registration is not initiated electronically, it can be done in person at any document office, government window, the tax authority’s priority customer services, or Hungarian embassies (registration bodies).

Electronic registration can be done by clicking on the following link, for persons holding a Hungarian eID Card issued after 1st January 2016, and the registration code on the code card received when applying for the card.



What is required to register in person to the Client Gate?

Personal identification is required to register a Client Gate, which is possible with one of the following documents:

Foreign citizens who do not have a residence address in Hungary can be identified based on a passport or –  if available – a Hungarian residence permit.

For nationals of any EEA Member States, the identification is possible after presenting a passport or a valid identity card issued by another EEA country.

According to the general rules, a person between the ages of fourteen (14) and eighteen (18) may independently initiate the Client Gate registration.

However, persons under the age of 18 or persons with limited capacity to act may use only a limited range of services available through the Client Gate, such as applying for higher education admission, social insurance services and booking appointments.


Can the registration data of the Client Gate be modified?

Changing the username is only possible in person at any registration body.

The e-mail address provided during the registration and the password belonging to the Client Gate can be modified after logging in at the website.

Attention! The e-mail address provided here only belongs to the Client Gate registration. The e-mail address related to the Citizens Mailbox (to which the notification of documents are dispatched) can be changed at the website.

Learn more about managing the e-mail settings in the following article

The previous five passwords used for the Client Gate cannot be set as a new password. Only passwords rated to „strong” level are accepted.


What should be done in case of forgetting the Client Gate password?

If you have forgotten your Client Gate password, you can request a one-time code to set a new password on the login page or at the website.

To do so, you need to enter your username and e-mail address related to your Client Gate registration. The system sends a new one-time code to the e-mail address provided previously.



However, requesting a new one-time code does not automatically delete the previous password. The previous password remains in effect until the new password is successfully set.


What should be done in case of not receiving the code requested in the Forgotten Password menu?

If you do not receive the code, it is recommended to check the subfolders of your e-mail system (filtered items, spam). If the new code is not received, it is also possible because of the incorrect username, or e-mail address entered when requesting a password.

The exact username can be checked on the registration receipt. If you do not have the registration receipt (e.g. in case of online registration), a new one can be requested in person at any registration body, after proof of your identity. The Government Hotline (1818) can also help in giving the exact user name after proper identification.


What should be done in case of forgetting the Client Gate username?

The username related to the Client Gate can only be viewed on the registration receipt received after the personal registration. For security reasons, your username is never e-mailed to you.

If the receipt is not in your possession, it can be re-issued at any registration body after personal identification. The Government Hotline (1818) can also help in giving the exact user name after proper identification.

Please note that the user is obliged to keep the username and the password in secret!

If you lose it or an unauthorized person may be aware of it, please change your username or password immediately. The authorities or the service provider is not liable for any damage resulting from failure to do so.


What should be done if the Client Gate is disabled after several unsuccessful logins?

If the user enters the password related to the username incorrectly five times during the login process, the system automatically disables that Client Gate and does not allow the user to log in either with the correct login details.

The restriction can only be dissolved using the “Forgot Password” function, as described in point 6.

After five unsuccessful login attempts, the access to the username entered during the attempts is disabled. It also means that if it was not you who tried to log in, another customer (by mistake, due to the similarity of usernames) tried to authenticate with your username. Because authentication is related to password, unauthorized persons cannot log in on behalf of another user; however, changing the password is also recommended in this case.


How can the Client Gate registration be cancelled?

The deletion of the Client Gate access can be performed after logging in on the website, by clicking on the „Delete Client Gate” menu and the „Delete” button.