The e-Paper Service in practice

The e-Paper service is an easy-to-use, authenticated messaging application between Users with Client Gate registration and organisations connected to the service. The application provides the possibility of managing all cases electronically where the organisation has not published its electronic form.


In the following, the usage of the e-Paper service is being introduced.

The service is available at the website.


The usage of the e-Paper service requires Client Gate registration. In case you do not have a Client Gate identification, but already have a Hungarian eID card issued after January 1, 2016, you can register electronically on the website.

In the absence of Hungarian eID card, Client Gate registration can be initiated in any document office, government window, the priority customer services of the tax authority, or Hungarian embassies (registration bodies).

If you already have a Client Gate but can’t remember your username, you can request help from the Government Hotline via phone on the free of charge 1818 number (from abroad: +36 1 550 1858).

In case you do not remember your password, you can request an activation code to set a new password for the account at the website by entering your username and the corresponding e-mail address.


Login process

The service is available from any browser at the URL address. There is no need to install any additional programs to use the service; only a Client Gate identification is required.

In the website, select „Login” to begin authentication.



When clicking on the „Login” button after entering the correct user name and password, the main page of the e-Paper service can be reached.



Writing a new letter

The system automatically fills in the form with the logged-in user’s data, which cannot be modified.

In case of sending a document from the Corporate Mailbox on behalf of an economic organisation, check the option “I would like to submit an e-Paper from the Corporate Mailbox” then enter the name and registration number of the legal person.


It is practical to set the case type and the recipient before writing the letter. In case of knowing the case type but not being sure of the recipient, it is advised to set the case type first; thus, a filtered list of recipients appears only with the organisations where the case type can be handled.

The reverse is also applicable, so the process can be started by setting up the recipient organisation.

The „Text of the letter” field provides the possibility to formulate a free text request.


Adding attachments

After writing the letter, by clicking on the „Manage Attachments” button, the required documents’ attaching can be performed.


For each attached document, the application provides the possibility to authenticate the attachments electronically. The authenticated documents can also be downloaded from the site for later use.

The total size of attachments cannot exceed 24 MB.



Dispatching the letter

After writing the application and uploading all the necessary attachments, the package can be overviewed by clicking on the „Continue to finalise” button.

If all the data is correct,  the process’s finalisation can be done by clicking on the „Submit” button.



After successful submission, a confirmation interface appears, and an automatic confirmation (Proof of Dispatch) is sent to the Mailbox of the consignor.



A certified electronic copy of the application can be downloaded in PDF format from the confirmation interface, which is worth keeping. After leaving the site, the copy cannot be obtained later.

After the dispatch, the sent document can also be viewed on the website among the sent messages. However, only the document’s data (date of dispatch, consignor and recipient) can be seen here; the document’s content is no longer available.



Session and saved drafts

In the e-Paper application, the session time is 10 minutes, which is renewed with continuous editing. In the last minute, the system also warns the user about the expiration of the session in a pop-up window and provides an opportunity to restore it.


If you cannot complete the submission for some reason, the completed package can be saved as a draft. Drafts can be continued later, even from another device, and are deleted from the system once submitted.


Highlighted cases

With the e-Paper service, several crucial administration can be arranged electronically at government offices, local governments and even the National Tax and Customs Administration during the state of danger because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Government Office Affairs:

Occupational supports, community employment and other public employment tasks 

The government office’s employment department performs tasks related to jobseekers’ registration, the suspension and cancellation of jobseekers’ status, the determination of jobseeker’s annuity, and the pre-retirement jobseeker’s allowance, reimbursement of expenses, the suspension and termination of benefits, the cancellation and reclaiming tasks for the previously established jobseeker allowances.


Family support tasks

Family support tasks include family allowance, maternity allowance, childcare allowance, disability allowance and large family allowance for the gas-prices.


Local government administration

Social cases

The local government’s social/welfare benefits including subsistence benefits, care allowance, healthcare allowance, funeral allowance, housing and renting allowances.


Enterprise- related cases

Cases related to enterprise support, enterprise revitalisation, enterprise development.


Taxation - National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA)
Application (Tax)

Applications can be submitted related to tax cases and duties, and the amendment or withdrawal of a previous application can also be performed.