Citizens Mailbox (Mailbox related to the Central Customer Registration Register)

The Certified Electronic Mailbox service provides a unified website and storage for citizens (Citizens Mailbox) and organisations (Corporate and Office Mailbox) and their administrators.


The Mailbox Service is available on the following website


For logging in, all state-provided authentication services can be used. If you do not have access to the Mailbox Service, the registration can be done in person at any document office, government window, the tax authority’s priority customer services, or Hungarian embassies (registration bodies).

Electronic registration can be done by clicking on the link below, in case of holding a Hungarian eID Card issued after 1st January 2016.


Detailed information about using the Corporate Mailbox registration application and the Corporate Mailbox service and related administrative tasks can be read on the following page.


Attention! Significant changes regarding modifying the e-mail addresses!

Previously, the e-mail address provided when registering to the Client Gate belonged to two services. When registering or requesting a forgot password, the code required for login was sent to this address. Also, notifications and certificates (such as Proof of Dispatch or Acceptance option notification) related to document dispatch through the Mailbox were sent there.

With the introduction of the Certified Electronic Mailbox, the two services have been separated:

  1. Only e-mails related to identification are sent to the e-mail address provided during registration, such as the activation code sent after registration and a forgotten password request. The e-mail address belonging to the identification can be modified after logging in on the website in the „Registration Data” menu.
  2. Notifications and certificates related to the document sending and receiving are sent to the e-mail address belonging to the Mailbox.

The e-mail address belonging to the Mailbox function can be modified on the  website by clicking on the „Settings” menu in the Mailbox administration page.


If you have already logged in to a service that uses the Central Authentication Agent (KAÜ), an error message is sent when you log in with another user’s ID in the same browser. (Login failed! Please delete the cookies stored in the browser with pressing the ctrl + shift + delete buttons together. In the appearing window, choose the “all” or “all-time” settings for the period to be deleted.)


While using the services accessible with Central Authentication Agent (KAÜ) identification, the session differs from the previous sets:


Questions and remarks can be sent related to the service to the NISZ Ltd. at the following e-mail address: