Configuration of e-mail filtering

The following article is about the efficient sorting of incoming e-mails by individual rules - for example, certificates and receipts sent by the Secure Delivery Service (BKSZ) - in the most frequently used mailers.


You can customise your e-mails in your e-mail account, for instance by moving messages. Mail filters are usually accessible by logging in to the e-mail account then clicking on the "Settings" and the "Message Filters" tab. Various filtering operations can be performed by specifying conditions.

To receive certain types of mail in the appropriate folder, a so-called "e-mail filter", in other words, a rule, must be set in the mailer. By doing so, a specified action can be performed (for example, placing in a folder) on letters that meet a specified condition (e.g., specified subject field).

In case you want to filter the receipts received from the Secure Delivery Service (BKSZ), it is practical to enter the name of the receipt in the subject field of the filter: for example, proof of dispatch, acceptance option notification, proof of download or proof of frustration. Besides that, you can also assign a rule specifying the sender, e.g. the e-mail address of the Secure Delivery Service (BKSZ), which is

You can filter the subject, the sender's e-mail address, and the sender's name or individual fields in the e-mail header with filtering criteria.