Mailbox Services Part 1 - What types of documents can be uploaded through the Mailboxes?

We are launching a series of articles on the operation of the Certified Electronic Mailbox, the Mailbox administration page and other services, like the ePaper, the Corporate Mailbox Registration or the iForm forms available through the page. With the articles, we would like to facilitate the daily work of the users of the services. In the articles, we provide help on a specific topic related to the services above.


Users – natural persons with Citizens Mailbox, administrators of Corporate Mailboxes or Office Mailboxes - can upload documents with different extensions through the Certified Electronic Mailbox.


Citizens Mailbox and Corporate Mailbox

From the Citizens Mailbox and Corporate Mailbox, only encrypted files with „.kr” extension - filled in with the General Form Filler (ÁNYK) program - can be uploaded to the offices. The consignor does not have to provide the recipient’s information when uploading; it is read from the encrypted „.kr” document’s envelope file.

Additional documents can be attached in the Form Filler Program to the form before the encryption if this option is made available in the form by the recipient Office. The recipient Office also determines the type of documents that can be attached.

Natural persons with Citizens Mailbox cannot upload documents to Corporate Mailboxes, and it is also impossible to dispatch documents from a Corporate Mailbox to a Citizens Mailbox.


Office Mailbox

Entities providing electronic administration can dispatch any document, such as Word, PDF, XLS, ZIP. During the dispatch, administrators of Office Mailboxes can address all kinds of mailboxes (Citizens, Corporate, Office Mailbox).


The Mailbox Services are available in the following website