Mailbox Services Part 2 - E-mail addresses in the Client Gate registration and the Mailbox services

After introducing the Certified Electronic Mailbox available at the website, the user’s e-mail address is connected to two different services and functions. a) identification service related to the registration, b) mailbox function related to sending and receiving documents.


Identification service related to the registration

Only the registration and login notifications, such as the activation code sent after registration, and a forgotten password request is sent to the e-mail address provided during the registration.

This e-mail address can be modified after logging in on the website in the „Registration Data” menu.

Mailbox function related to sending and receiving documents

Notifications and certificates for citizens related to the document sending and receiving – such as Acceptance option notification or Not accepted document notification - are sent to the Citizens Mailbox’s e-mail address.


The e-mail address belonging to the Mailbox function can be modified on the page by clicking on the „Settings” menu in the Mailbox administration page.


By default, the e-mail address provided during the registration is also set for the Citizens Mailbox, but later changes must be made by the user if necessary on both places to request a new code in case of a login problem or receive notifications about arriving documents to the correct e-mail address.


The Mailbox Services are available in the following website