Corporate Mailbox

From 1 January 2018, using the Corporate Mailbox is mandatory for all economic organisations.


In case you already registered a Corporate Mailbox, click to the following link for login.

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About the Corporate Mailbox

According to Act CCXXII of 2015 on the general rules of electronic administration and trust services (hereinafter: e-Administration Act) from 1 January 2018, electronic communication with the state and sending and receiving official documents from the official contact details are mandatory for all economic organisations. For which, the state provides the Corporate Mailbox service to the economic organisations.

Existing economic organisations had to register for the Corporate Mailbox service by at the latest 31 December 2017.

The Corporate Mailbox eases communication between organisations and Entities providing electronic administration, as all documents destined for delivery arrive at the secure, authentic Mailbox obtained by the economic organisation.

Entities providing electronic administration can connect to the Corporate Mailbox service by joining the Secure Delivery Service provided by NISZ Ltd. (Currently the Form Submission Support (ÁBT) service).


About the Service

The Corporate Mailbox is an electronic mailbox for economic organisations, where all concerned and authorised persons can access the official correspondence of the given company or organisation in one website.

In the Corporate Mailbox, with the system’s help, the Corporate Mailbox representative performing the administration can specify those from the company who can send and receive documents.

The Corporate Mailbox service provides the economic organisations with a practical, easy-to-use official Mailbox free of charge, facilitating the document sending and delivery, as opposed to traditional paper-based transactions, saving significant time, energy, material and human resources.

With the help of the Corporate Mailbox, paper-based case management can be abolished in public administration, and in the future, electronic administration would be possible not only in the public administration but also with other service providers.

The Corporate Mailbox service is optimised for mobile devices, so it is possible to access the company’s official correspondence from a mobile device, thus increasing the freedom of use.


About the Registration

The Corporate Mailbox registration can also be done by the statutory representative of the organisation or its agent. Subsequently, the authorised natural person (hereinafter: the Corporate Mailbox representative) or other registered users authorised by the economic organisation (hereinafter: the Corporate Mailbox administrator) are entitled to manage the Corporate Mailbox of the given economic organisation.

The online, fully automatic registration of the Corporate Mailbox can only be applied to companies listed in the company register.

An additional precondition for online registration is that the company representative must perform the registration acting on its behalf. For the registration, a Client Gate, a Telephone Identification with a Partial Code registration or a Hungarian eID card is required.

Registration with an online form may be used for organisations where the registering person is not present int the company’s publicly certified register, or where the organisation’s form is „other organisation”.

The form is also filled in online; however, the successfully submitted form is checked and processed by an administrator in the Corporate Mailbox administration interface.

The form must be accompanied by all authentic documents necessary to verify the economic organisations’ representation rights in registering for the Corporate Mailbox.

You can find detailed information about the registration and the documents that must be attached to the form in the Attached Files menu.

Registration can be initiated on the website, after logging in with Client Gate, Telephone identification or a Hungarian eID card.


About the Machine Interface

If the economic organisation already has a finalised Corporate Mailbox registration and its official affairs generate many documents, it can establish a machine interface to access the Corporate Mailbox.

The machine interface handles the document traffic automatically, whether downloading or sending, without an administrator’s intervention, thus adapting to the needs of companies and organisations that aim to efficiently and time-savingly transmit and receive large amounts of documents through the Corporate Mailbox.

The connection questionnaire to be submitted to establish a machine interface and the interface specification required for the deployment are available on the following website.